4 reasons to support organic farming

In the 1960s and 1970s, industrial agriculture pushed farmers to become big or get out of the business. Now, things are changing. People realise the harm chemicals in food can cause to our health. So, more people are now moving towards organic farming. Here are the major reasons for supporting organic farming.

1. Climate Change

Organic farming can provide a solution to climate change. The conventional farming system relied on off-farm inputs that required huge amounts of fossil fuels to mine, transport, add fertiliser and pesticides. These activities released to greenhouse gases. Organic farming systems don’t use synthetic fertilisers, so no greenhouse gas is emitted. When this farming is joined by local production, the carbon footprint is further reduced as there is no need for long distance shipping.

2. Food Security


Due to climate change, there is a drastic shift in precipitation and temperature. Violent storms are a threat to the agricultural production. Organic fields have improved hydrology; they are better equipped to hold, store and use water. Organic fields produce higher yields than conventional fields.


3. Ecology

Everything in this ecosystem is connected. We should take decisions carefully; else our decisions might affect other living things. It is important to protect biological diversity. Loss of biodiversity causes a threat to food security. Our cities now hardly have any land available for agricultural purposes. Due to commotion nearby, the crops experience ecological collapse. Organic farmers are cautious about biodiversity.

4. Health

Pesticides used in agriculture are toxic to the health of humans and animals. By consuming organic food, we can promote good health.

All these reasons are very serious, and so people are now supporting organic farming for their benefit and for getting a sustainable environment to live in.