5 reasons organic foods are better for health

The business of food is all about profit. Most people involved in agribusiness are less cautious about the health of their consumers. The conventional foods have various health effects on reasons why you should consume organic food.

1. No GMOs

Genetically modified organisms (GMO) are a mutation of real food. Genes from one species are placed into another in this case. Animal genes are inserted into plants, and plant genes are added to animals. This is something that doesn’t happen naturally. This food can cause serious health problems. Organic foods are GMOs free.

2. Better nutrition

All nutrients that you need cannot be replaced by artificially produced fertilisers. It is not true that bigger produce will give you better health. Organic food is more nutritious and tastes better.

3. No pesticides or herbicides

Pesticides and herbicides are poisonous. The conventional method of farming uses lots of these. These can damage your nervous system. In the case of organic food production, foods are grown naturally without the use of pesticides and herbicides.

4. Better quality meat and dairy

The meat and dairy you buy from supermarkets are loaded with antibiotics and other drugs. Animals are treated harshly to get meat and dairy. You should eat organic and free range meats. These are better for your health.

5. Less Chance of Food-Related Diseases

Many food-related diseases are reported recently. These outbreaks are directly related to the agricultural practice. By consuming organic foods, you will protect yourself from these diseases.

In many supermarkets today organic products are sold. Many people tend to avoid buying those because of the high cost. But you should be concerned about your health more than your money and buy organic foods.