The demand for organic food is growing. People now realise the need for sustainable development and so choose organic food, even at a higher price. But not many people are trained to do organic farming properly, as it’s quite different from the traditional farming. We offer people the opportunity to learn about organic farming so that they can pursue their career in this sector. A 20,000 sq. ft. of passive solar greenhouse is used as a learning ground for the organic farming training program. The program is taught through different ways.

Mode of teaching

Learning tools include lectures, written assignments, readings, demonstrations, farm walks, etc. The aim of this institute is to build the participant’s knowledge of the principles and practices of organic farming.

What will it cover

This program concentrates on the technical knowledge, at the same time provides a hands-on learning experience. This program is for those who are committed to own their own farm business, manage the farm operations or work with others in this field. This program will give the participants a very strong foundation and working knowledge of farm production, marketing, management and business operations.

By joining this program, graduates will be able to pursue their careers in organic farming, gardening, urban agriculture and other sustainable agriculture-related careers. After completion of this program, they will receive a certification that will prove that they have sufficient knowledge on organic farming.