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OFIBC courses are designed for farmers by experienced organic farmers. The online science and technology courses provide practicing farmers with all they need to understand about the how and why of organic soil management, composting, pruning, pest management and the other practical aspects of organic farming. Field training courses on working organic farms reinforces the knowledge learned online.

The online courses may be taken at any time of the year. Only about 40-60 hours are required to complete the online course. We know that suits the schedule of farmers. Field training must occur in the appropriate seasons. We have concentrated that training into two day weekend courses in order to minimize the time students are away from their farms or other responsibilities.


The variety of organic farms in the Similkameen Valley means that field training takes place on farms that produce crops that you produce. Every organic farmer becomes a specialist is his or her own methods. At the OFIBC, you will be instructed by a team of experienced organic farmers. You will learn a variety of methods.

We use expert education consultants to design the online component of our courses. You will find learning at the OFIBC enjoyable. Our lessons are interactive and highly visual. You will have opportunities to learn with and share your knowledge with other students.

In addition to teaching the very best organic farming practices, OFIBC training familiarizes you with the transition to organic methods, the certification process and the Canadian Organic Production Systems General Principles and Management Standards. You will also learn about Regional Certification.

You may take one course or all of the courses that will be offered by the OFIBC. Currently,two on-line courses are offered and the field training course in organic soil management..

Organic and sustainable agricultural principles have a long history in the Similkameen Valley. In 1986 the Similkameen-Okanagan Organic Producers Association began certifying farms. Since then, South Okanagan-Similkameen growers have been leaders in the advancement of organic principles and in recognition of the values of land conservancy.